Until last year, the actual word ‘personality’ and it’s meaning were placed comfortably in my sub conscious without any thought, consideration nor importance.

Personality traits we identify with determine our likes, dislikes, desires and fears.

Personality is my identity.  A finger print that both set me apart from everyone else yet can and does group me together with like-minded people/personality types.

Personalities affect our personal lives, professional lives and all surrounding relationships. They also help place us into life-groups; among like-minded people and opposed to those we do not. The opposition or ‘clash’ of personalities is something we can all identify with.  You must have thought before why you like or dislike certain people!?

Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with having a personality disorder (BPD) Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, Cluster B to be precise.

Through research I have discovered that World renowned influential figures such as anti-war activists, human rights activists, literary artists and poets and musicians all have very strong opinions about the concept of personalities.

The origin of the word Persona does in fact come from Latin, meaning mask.

Since being diagnosed with BPD I have been on a path in search of my true personality type, behind the façade or any masks or labels and to rediscover myself in hope of providing a happier more fulfilled person. Admittedly it’s a working progress.

I believe that to have a true, realistic understanding of yourself and your personality – is key to living a happy fulfilled life.

It’s never too late to accept who you are and in these modern times it is easy to lose yourself and become, perhaps, who you thought you should have been or what others want you to be.

This blog is a cordial invitation for you to re discover who you are by taking into consideration my own experiences in comparison to yours.

Personalities matter. Mine does and yours does too.



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