My name is Gaz. I’m a 34 year old dude, born, brought up and schooled in the London Borough of Croydon. I’m currently living in South London.

I suffer with Anxiety and Depression which are two little bastards who tend to throw unexpected, surprise parties with my BPD.

I’m the youngest of three brothers.

I originally trained in performing arts attending The BRIT School – Class of 96’ graduating in 2000.

I briefly attended Performers in Essex.

I was once a fictional character called Jason in Oxford University Press’s collection of language study books.

I was part of a boyband called Boysterous. Our debut single Up&Down charted at no.53 in 2003. We performed over 150 shows around England, Scotland and Wales at radio road shows, schools, under 18 club events, gay clubs, act supports including 911’s reunited tour and Westlife’s World of Our Own Tour at Earls Court and SMASH HITS Pop Party Tour. We appeared on TV including Loose Lips, Nickleodeon and Smash Hits channel and in various magazines. The biggest gig was Bristol’s Balloon Fiesta which was a crowd of 30,000 people.

Before the brand Superdry soared into commercial success and opened their own stores I was a model for the brand (selling through CULT Clothing) For 12 months I was a 360 degrees moveable model animation on their website.

I was part of a mixed pop group called HOLAH. We recorded a cover of 80’s classic The Only Way Is Up which was remixed into a pop club track. We shot a music video in Egypt.

In more recent years I have worked in Health and Social Care as a support worker for young adults with profound disabilities including learning and physical as well as severe epilepsy. I have worked with the elderly and for the NHS as a Radiology assistant.

I am currently unemployed.

I have started blogging and writing articles sharing my own life experiences.

I pride myself on promoting people’s success and happiness by encouraging anyone I meet to be themselves around me. Sometimes in life – being ourselves can be the hardest thing to do.

At this point in my life I’m applying for a full time job in optimism and happiness.




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