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I’m proud of the fact that I was born in the 80’s.  Not only do I come from a generation that remember the tape cassette but they ‘played’ a massive part in my growing up.

Who remembers putting cellotape across the top of the cassette to be able to record?

Sundays were spent listening to the Top 40 charts – fingers on the record and pause buttons desperately trying to time it exactly as the song came on. Hours spent listening back to the songs so I could hand write all of the lyrics.

It’s laughable to think back at when the family stereo would chew up the tape which sounded like one of the chipmunks having a row and I would be found with a biro pen twisting, what seemed like a never ending snake, around and back in like a frantic Olympian ribbon twirler!

I was one of those kids too that created mix tapes. What kids these days would call playlists, I guess.  I had a mix tape for different genre, moods and for people.  Just recently my high school girlfriend messaged me to say she still had one I made for her.

It got me thinking…

At Christmas we all go crazy worrying what to get people and you’re bound to unwrap a little bit of disappointment yourself.

This year, 2015, I have decided that instead of a token gift, naff card or generic Facebook message or comment – to individually dedicate a song to my friends, family and loved ones.

I can hear the cries “Cheapskaaaate!”

I’m not randomly going to assign any old song. I will sit and think of the person and think about how we met, who they are, the kind of friendship we have and also take a whole load of other personal things into consideration.

A song will last a lifetime. It will never go away. It will be a connection between me and that person whenever they hear it, no matter where we both are in the World.

With platforms such as YoutubeiTunes, Deezer, Spotify and all other sites that provide streaming or downloading that person will always be able to access that gift.

I’m obviously not gonna to take credit for the actual song, lyrics or production but I will take full credit for the sentiment and nod to say “This – reminds me of you!”

So this Christmas – if you don’t know what to get someone or haven’t been in touch with someone for a long time, have a think about a song that reminds you of them, dedicate it and create your very own modern day mixtape





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