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Here you will find articles I have written as a guest blogger on other sites.  To read –  Just click the links above the images:

Wide World Worry – Gaz Goulding


This was my first ever guest blog for Conquer Worry documenting growing up, feeling different.  Tags include: Color Purple


VIP Very Impotent Person – Gaz Goulding


This is a frank conversation about male impotence and the effects of depression and anxiety in sexual health for leading Male suicide prevention organisation CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Tags include: Male impotence


Last night a seaside saved my life – Gaz Goulding


This article was published in the Independent Brighton and Hove documenting a plan I had made to commit suicide

Tags include: Suicide


MOT Men’s Once a Year Test – Gaz Goulding


I was approached by  Men Tell Health a new men’s mental health website to write a piece for them.  I created MOT Men’s Once a Year Test about sexual health and the importance of regular testing/screening.

Tags include: Sexual health check ups


My Two Nans – Gaz Goulding


Out of 100’s of entries The Huffington Post chose my dedication along with 24 others as a tribute for my, late, two Nans as part of National Grandparents Day 2015.

Tags include: National Grandparents Day (Around the World)


M.A.N – Gaz Goulding


My article M.A.N features on The Good Men Project “The conversation no one else is having..” It is a personalised definition of what it means, to me, to say “I am man.”  This piece is currently being shared via The GMP website, Facebook and Twitter.


Truly Madly Deeply – Gaz Goulding


Originally written for Valentines Day 2016 The Gay Uk’s editor feels Truly Madly Deeply is current enough to be read anytime of the year.  Being Gay is tough enough without adding mental health into the mix.  There is a trend emerging on dating sites only looking for guys who are ‘sane and sorted.’

Tags include: LGBT Mental Health / MIND Gay dating (Top 10 Apps) The Gay UK


Ticking All The Boxes – Gaz Goulding



I wrote Ticking All The Boxes for the UK’s leading male suicide prevention organisation CALM (Campaign against living miserably) for their quarterly magazine which has a 20, 000 physical distribution.  It pays homage to the late, great David Bowie and explores sexual ambiguity through my own experience.

Tags include: David Bowie , sexual identity, Coming out


My Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Colours Of Suicide by Gaz Goulding


Written for The Gay Times as part of MHAW 2016 (Mental Health Awareness Week) this piece explores my own experience of suicide creatively using The Wizard of Oz story, comparing my road to recovery to that of Dorothy Gale.

This piece has recently been re-shared by GT online via Twitter and Facebook as part of WMHD 2016 (World Mental Health Day)

Tags include: The Wizard Of Oz  Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 World Mental Health Day 2016



UP and coming:

Coming soon – articles written for:

  • The Gay Times
  • India’s LGBT Pink Pages
  • Hear-Us Publication
  • CALMZine
  • The Croydon Advertiser
  • South London Press





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