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My name is Christine and I am an MBTI practitioner.

In this section of the website I will talk about different aspects of personality profiling.

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What attracted me to this type of profiling

My name is Christine and I am an MBTI Pratitioner.

I graduated as a natural scientist, so you might be wondering why a natural scientist, of all people, became interested in something like the MBTI framework, and what's more, now believes that it has its own merits and a lot to offer.

The explanation for this is easy. For many years I  helped at college and at work with answering career oriented questions from those seeking guidance and have always been on the lookout for a tool that would help individuals not only to find out where their strengths lay but also in which field they might like to use their natural talents.

The difficulties I always saw were that one’s strengths can be used in many different contexts. For example, if you completed one of the many free on-line tests (and there are many different ones) and it indicated that you were a good listener you then have to know in which context could you could best use that skill; this is especially so if you are trying to decide the direction in which your career might develop. For example, good listening could be used in a profession like human resources or marketing or nursing or - the list is endless!

You might now see the dilemma I and others trying to help are in. In due course I learned about the MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) of which I will say more in later blogs, and how MBTI was based on a knowledge of those people who are happy and fulfilled in their work because it accords with their "personality" - it was "right" for them.

Whilst completing the MBTI courses for my training I was very surprised to find how individuals with different personality Types perceived quite differently what was in front of their very eyes (e.g. a picture!) and how easy and effective communications are with those close to one’s own personality Type.

With these experiences and by using the MBTI framework as a practitioner I marveled again and again at how individuals feel that the best fit "Type" for them describes them so well.

Correctly identified, the Type that fits you best and is able to support you at any stage and in any circumstance in you life.  It can be especially helpful when considering how to cope with change, stress, conflict resolution and new directions.

Next time I will talk about What MBTI stands for and signifies.

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What does MBTI stand for and what does it signify?

My name is Christine and I am an MBTI practitioner.
Last time I explained how I got into “all this” as a natural scientist and promised to explain what MBTI stands for and what it signifies.

MBTI is the acronym for “Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator”. Myer and Briggs were a mother and daughter team who did an incredible amount of work during the 1900’s into people’s personalities and how to appropriately assess them. For this assessment they used statistical methods which they had to learn themselves and then apply.

Now a days 16 basic personality types are recognised. Within the MBTI framework it is believed that everyone is born with a “Type”, which becomes more apparent throughout childhood. Children discover, as part of their growing up, what their natural preferences are and this is where mistakes can be made, especially with parents who are, for whatever reason, inclined to push their children into certain directions which a child instinctively knows is not where they want to go. It is believed that a personality Type is an innate part of one’s character and does not change with time – however, you get to know how to live with it, to manage it and to cope with others of different Type.

A personality Type says nothing about your intelligence. You will “know” your personality but may never have put it in words. MBTI profiling provides this description and when it’s right you will know it is right because you will recognise yourself.

The type description should come neither as a shock nor a surprise, rather as a confirmation of something one always knew about oneself. Most people are surprised how anyone could have written such an accurate description about them without having ever met them.

Your personality type determines almost everything about your interface with the world and those around you; how you view the “world”, communicate with, and respond to, others, cope with stress and disputes, and much more besides.

Knowing your own personality Type could help you to find a career which suits you down to the ground and gives you career satisfaction.

Next time I will talk about MBTI and STEM. If you would like to book an appointment with me please visit

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About the need of STEM professionals


My name is Christine and I am an MBTI Pratitioner.

If you have been following my blogs you will know that I am concerned about the need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, STEM) professionals to make our technical society function as it should.
Now, being one of these myself and also being an MBTI professional I started offering “Career Evenings” for students and their parents, so that they could obtain a glimpse of how many different career possibilities exist in this field of STEM, either at an academic or a non-academic level.

My company, First Steps Ltd., has also started offering trips to companies so that students and parents can see at first-hand what professionals working in STEM “do” in the “real” world.

We have also organised trips to engineering structures where we illustrate and explain the different and various aspects of STEM that are needed to make these “every day” structures available to us as a society and how they have to work together for such a structure to become a reality; the first of these is to a suspension bridge over the Thames in London.

Last but not least, the MBTI framework in which all this is done helps individuals find their own niche in this vast array of possibilities. We have a web site for all this and you can find more details about this and how to make an appointment with me at
Next time I will talk about the Tutor Association’s Annual Conference at the Royal Society.

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